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yoga for child

Finding an appropriate Yoga mat is such a challenging task in itself. And when it comes to choosing a yoga mat for your child, you have to be considerate about everything. 

You have to wisely choose a mat with no toxic material, heavy metals, and phthalates. The mat should also have a non-slippery surface. The grip should be strong enough not to let your child slip while doing their cute little yoga poses

It should have good cushioning to support your little yogi’s hands and legs. The mats should have a lot of colors and patterns to attract their eyes to them. This is the key to getting them into this healthy lifestyle. 

Apart from this, the only solution to stop them from throwing fits is to get them their “own” yoga mats. To help you with this, we have got you a list of “Five best yoga mats” for your child.

We have added all these mats to the list, considering their material, texture, grip, stability, colors, patterns, and everything else that your child will love.


5 Yoga Mats Make Them Fall in Love With Yoga

1. Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

SIZE– 24 x 0.1 x 60 inches 

WEIGHT– 1.81 Pounds 

MATERIAL Polyvinyl Chloride 

FEATURES– Cute designs and lightweight

This cute-looking mat is made from PVC but is toxin-free, making it ideal for children. Parents of children between 5 and 8 can say goodbye to their worries about heavy metals and toxins

This mat has a slightly sticky texture with a light tack, giving it an excellent grip. The grip is smooth and undoubtedly “the best” so your kids will love it. The grip will help your children stay balanced on the mat and not fall. 

Along with this, this mat comes with a downloadable yoga class. It has been specifically designed for children. This yoga class will help your children learn yoga better and have more fun. 

The print and colors on the mat attract everyone. This mat has an attractive print on one side and a simple colored side. The cute illustrations on the mat are enough for your kids to start practicing yoga.

The mat is soft on a child’s skin and is lightweight. Any kid can carry it easily. This is one of the best yoga mats for your child. So if your little yogis decide to act independently, they can easily roll up this mat and carry it anywhere.

You can check out this mat on Amazon and choose from 8 different prints. 

2. Really Good Stuff Kids Yoga Mat

Really Good Stuff Kids Yoga Mat

SIZE– 24 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches 

WEIGHT– 1.85 Pounds 


FEATURES– Interesting design and soft texture 

The best part about this mat is the 24 different illustrations of the yoga poses. Honestly, we can’t deny that this is the first reason we had to add this mat to this list. The illustrations are so clear that your child won’t need yoga classes to learn poses. 

The mat is suitable for toddlers, kids, and teens. The illustrations are going to guide all beginners with the yoga poses. This mat is a perfect way to practice something healthy with a pinch of fun. 

The mat has zero phthalates, DEPH, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIBP, DPENP, DHEXP, or DCHP, making it a safe option for children. This is one of the best yoga mats for your child. Along with this, parents don’t need to worry about thickness and safety. The thickness ensures your child’s safety. 

The mat tick marks all the required safety measures for a yoga mat. Along with this, you can use this mat anywhere you like. You can use it at home or even in a classroom. 

You can check out this great mat at Amazon. ‎ 

3. Merrithew Kids Yoga and Exercise Mat 

Merrithew yoga mat for kids

SIZE– 24 x 3 x 3 inches 

WEIGHT– 1.7 Pounds 


FEATURES– Built-in handle and nice design 

It is free from toxins, heavy metals, and phthalates and is made of Poly Environmental Resin (PER), a food-grade and non-toxic material. All this combination makes it a perfect choice for kids. 

The cushioning is another impressive point of this mat. It is done so correctly that it will provide comfort and durability. Along with this, it is an easy-to-clean mat, a good choice for all moms. This is one of the best yoga mats for your child.

The built-in handle adds to the convenience. You don’t need extra bags to carry this mat you can fold it and carry it with the help of the handles. 

It also has a good grip on the surface and will ensure that kids don’t fall and stay safe during their cute yoga sessions. 

You can check out this mat on Amazon

4. Bean Products Yoga Mats 

Bean Products Yoga Mats for child

SIZE– 24.25 x 4 x 4 inches

WEIGHT– 0.91 kgs


FEATURES– Great grip and Eco-friendly

This mat comes in various colors, so now your kids can choose their favorite colors from various colors and designs. It will surely motivate your children to start practicing yoga regularly. 

The durability and stability are incomparable. The grip performance ensures that the mat will stick to the surface and not slip away while practicing their favorite poses. 

This mat is undoubtedly a great eco-friendly option. It is made of PVC, Earth’s natural rubber, and a synthetic blend. Additionally, it is free of toxic phthalates, dioxins, furans, phenols, or heavy metals. 

The mat is easy to wash and has a “mom-friendly” option. It is lightweight and easy for your little yogis. Washing this mat is so easy that it is entirely fuss-free. 

You can buy your kid’s favorite mat from Amazon

5. Kids Yoga Mat by Chi Universe

Chi Universe Unisex

SIZE– 19.02 x 2.99 x 2.99 inches

WEIGHT– 1.36 kgs

MATERIAL Polyvinyl Chloride 

FEATURES– Free app and videos

This mat easily fits any 4-9-year-old kid. The free online videos and apps fill yoga sessions with a fun factor. The app and videos will adequately guide you in all the yoga poses. 

Additionally, the videos will ensure that your kids learn and practice the yoga poses appropriately, following all the steps. The brand believes in “mindful-based learning and concentration.” 

This mat is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly material making it a good choice for kids. The mat is lab tested for children’s health and safety. The brand uses environmentally friendly non-phthalate PVC. 

You can check out this mat on Amazon. 

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