Best Yoga mats for kids with Complete Guide

Yoga mat for kids

As kids, we all must have tried at least once to copy the yoga postures our parents used to do or remember their fancy-looking yoga mats for kids. Watching them do that made us believe that yoga can solve all the health-related issues and make us super healthy.

Every kid watches someone older than them doing yoga to make them genuinely believe in this spiritual, mental, and physical process.

Notably, even kids can start doing yoga from a young age, and it can help them in various ways. And when we say various ways, it also includes the primary point of removing fatigue and tiredness in them and making them active.

Additionally, it is believed that a kid can start doing yoga at four years of age. It is not like this age has been noted somewhere by someone as the ideal age for every kid to start doing yoga, but till this age, kids achieve the proper sense of understanding of the commands they are given for this.

But it would be best if you were careful with the posture they make and the process they follow. We all know these are kids and not professionals, they can sometimes mess up, so our presence can help them achieve their goals.

5 Best yoga mats to help your kids do yoga happily 

Yoga can be an actual fun activity if done with kids. But it comes down to one single thing that is mats for them. Mats of their size more accurately. Kids love to have their things while doing something, and honestly, giving them their yoga mats can encourage them to do yoga regularly.

But searching for an appropriate yoga mat for them can be very hectic but not impossible. While you were scrolling down all the online stores, we listed down the five best yoga mats to help you lessen your efforts and save your time.

01. Non-toxic yoga mat by Ab Tech Non-toxic yoga

Image Credit: Ab Tech

This mat has a non-slippery surface to get the proper grip on the surface. It also claims to have a toxic-free surface to help your kids not get bacteria while doing yoga.

It comes in 60 X 24 X 0.2 Inches with a cute print. But you can be stress-free about the print on it because it is made from non-toxic latex and is Phthalates-free, making it an excellent choice for kids.

Ab Tech mats come with cushioned surfaces that make it easier for the kids to practice yoga postures without hurting themselves on the ground. It also comes with fun yoga cards to make yoga enjoyable and easy by following the instructions.

02. Kids yoga mat by Decathlon

Image Credit: Decathlon

This yoga mat also comes with a non-toxic surface. They provide phthalates-free and metal-free surfaces, making them an appropriate option for kids. Their surfaces are smooth, so your kids will love practising yoga.

Their super cute designs will surely make your heart melt and make your little yogis fall in love with them. They come in biodegradable nature, so they will biodegrade in the soil even if you choose to bury them (if not used).

03. Children Yoga mat 6mm fitness wave rider by Myga

Children Yoga mat

Image Credit: Myga

This mat is made of PVC material. This mat by Myga comes on the top when it comes to designs. We are sure that your kids are going to love their fancy designs.

These mats have an extra soft surface without any harmful toxins making them an excellent choice for your kids. The mat comes in many other cool prints and designs that your kids will love.

04. Jurassic Jungle Kids Yoga Mat by

Jurassic Jungle Kids Yoga Mat

Image Credit: Myga

The print is the biggest attraction for the kids and even parents. The fresh new idea of getting a print of a Jurassic jungle theme makes this mat the coolest.

This PVC mat is adequately cushioned to give your kids a super-duper fun yoga session. Myga has made it an exciting prop for kids with the yoga postures imprinted on it.

05. Children’s yoga mat by Yogalette

Image Credit: Yogalette

The material used in this mat is TPE and has a non-toxic surface. The size is perfect for kids under five years, and it claims to have a 100% toxin-free surface making it smell-free and safe for kids.

Yogalette brings these mats in different colors and designs. Being lightweight makes it easier to carry it anywhere without any hassle.

Why Should Kids Do Yoga?

Encouraging kids to do yoga early can help them achieve so many things.

  • – Yoga can help strengthen the core strength of a kid
  • – It can help them better their coordination and flexibility of their body
  • – It can also help them achieve self-esteem and boost confidence in them
  • – Most importantly, it can help kids concentrate and lessen distraction
  • – Yoga is a great way to improve your kid’s posture and balance
  • – Yoga can boost your child’s immunity so that their body can fight against diseases.
  • – It can help them to be active and not sluggish
  • – It can significantly affect their memory in a positive sense.
  • – Improves their overall physical fitness up to a great extend
  • – Yoga can be helpful and improve all respiratory issues.
  • – Helps them improve their overall mental well-being.

How to Motivate Your Little Yogis to Practice Yoga?

Yoga with kids

It indeed is “the most difficult task” in this whole world to get kids into healthy practices. The only way to make this easier is to make this process look less complicated and fun for them.

1. You can practice yoga in front of them to create curiosity in their minds about the activity. It may take some time to convince them to do it but later on, when they start practicing yoga regularly, make sure to be a vital part of their yoga schedule.

2. Get them yoga mats and dolls to make their yoga sessions more fun. Getting them their yoga mats, cards, dolls, and other products can eventually convince them to practice it.

3. Tell them the benefits of practicing yoga regularly. Tell them in a fun and engaging way so that they don’t consider it dull or forceful.

4. Start with the easy poses first.

5. Make these sessions fun by adding fun music and fun and engaging poses.

6. Tell them fun stories to make them creative and exciting for them.

7. Help them relate the poses and names with nature elements.


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