Best Way To Do Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls Exercise

swiss ball hamstring curl exercise

The extension of the passive hip to leg curl, also known as the Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls, is an excellent exercise that strengthens and enhances the glutes and hamstrings. 

Although most hamstring exercises are primarily aimed at the hip extensors, this exercise directs the flexible knees and helps us bring our heels closer to our glutes.

Required resources:-

It would be best if you had a swiss ball to do this job.

Skills level:-

  • Beginner:- The swiss ball leg curl may be more advanced for beginners. If so, you can make a swiss ball hamstring press where you press your feet into the ball, press your glutes and hamstrings, and make a hip bridge, then lower your body down in the starting position. You can also make basic isometric glute bridges where you do hip extension and grip.
  • In the middle:- The swiss ball hamstring curls are an excellent workout for middle-aged women who have mastered the basic exercises described for beginners. In the case of low-intensity exercise, this exercise is done after the most advanced exercise of fatigue or push-ups. When you do full bodywork, these exercises can be paired with extra stretching or push-ups. You can also do this exercise to warm the hamstrings before advanced exercises such as deadlifts are performed, or they can be used as part of a conditioning circuit. Women with moderate intensity can do 3 sets of 8-15 repetitions of a swiss leg curl.
  • Advanced:-Women with an improved fitness level can do this job in the same ways as described in the intermediate levels. They can also make exercise more challenging by doing it with one leg, doing incorrect reps, and taking 3-5 seconds to stretch the knee, or they can add extra belt resistance that will make both the most focused and focused parts of the work more challenging.

Benefits of Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls:-

benefits of swiss ball hamstring curl

There are many benefits to swiss ball leg curl. How a person chooses to use the swiss ball leg curl depends mainly on her technical skills and knowledge, how much resistance he uses, the set/rep system used, where he falls when exercises, what he combines, and what leisure times are. 

Generally, curls on a swiss ball are used to do any of the following:

  • increasing lower body strength, especially in the hamstrings and glutes.
  • building muscle, especially in the hamstrings and glutes
  • increase basic strength (especially, front spine)
  • fat loss (if your diet and exercise help with fat loss)
  • conditioning (when used as part of conditioning circuits)
  • which increases flexibility

How to make a Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls:-

swiss ball hamstring curl

  • Start by lying on your back (you can put something under your head, so your spine is in a neutral position).
  • Place the heels/lower legs on the ball.
  • Enter the area by closing the bridge and making a hip extension. Before doing this, you need to breathe deeply into your abdomen (360 degrees of air around your spine), tighten your spine (I like to pretend to block the ball with my stomach), and then move slightly. Your ribs facing the hips (close the space in the middle of your area). Repeat this same pattern before you do a leg curl.
  • Once you have reached your full width with a leg curl, press your hamstrings and glutes and return the ball to its original position. When you open your knees, you should feel a slight stretch in your thighs, but you should not feel like you are pulling.
  • It is essential not to rest and stretch your hamstring/glute muscles as this will put the knees under a lot of pressure.
  • Keep your spine in a neutral position, and be very careful not to stretch your lower back and let your ribs explode.
  • You can make this task even more challenging by doing this exercise, but don’t let your hips touch the floor between the reps.
  • Make sure your movement is smooth and controllable, and you do not use force to bend the ball toward you.
  • Reset and repeat before each rep.


The extension of the passive hip-to-leg curl, also known as the Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls, is an excellent exercise for rubbing your glutes and hamstrings.

 The best part? Most of the exercises we use to hit the hamstrings train our muscles like hip extensors – but our hamstrings also reach the knees and help us bring our heel closer to our butt. And there aren’t many exercises that train your muscles that way – but this one does it! So let’s see how to do it.

You will start lying on your back (consider putting something under your head so that your spine is nice and neutral), then take the ball and put your legs over it. There are a few ways to do it from here. First, you can do it with a single smooth motion to get up, do a hip extension, and then bend the leg.

 You’ll notice a few things: Close the bridge by hitting your heels on the ball and keep everything nice and firm. 

Do not hyperextend your spine, do not focus; go up so your body is straight and pulls your heels to the waist, and your whole body should continue to lift.

One way to do that is to extend the hip extension and hang it here so that your hips do not fall between the reps. Both are significant challenges. It is essential that when you lift and bend the leg, every lawyer does not use force to bend the ball towards you.

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