"The word mandala has its origin in Sanskrit, meaning magic circle"

Know the meaning of Mandala Art, History, Types, Meaning of The Colors

What Does it Represents?

A mandala image represents everything in life that is either interconnected or never-ending. A circle is a great symbolic figure of life that has no end.

History of Mandala Art

Mandala artwork has roots in Buddhism, it soon became a big part of Hinduism and other major religions.

Types of Mandalas

Types of Mandalas

1. Teaching Mandalas 2. Sand Mandala 3. Healing Mandala

Most Common Symbols in Mandala Art

Sun, Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Triangles, Lotus, Eight-spoked Wheel, Bells.

Meaning of  The Colours in Mandalas

Each color affects the thoughts, moods, and emotions of a person. Due to this, choosing the colors for the mandala becomes essential.

Know The Secretes of Mandala Artwork

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