Basic Materials needed for mandala art

– Drawing book/sheet of     paper/canvas – Pencil and eraser – Drawing compass. – Ruler. – Protractor. – Thin marker

Steps of Mandala art for beginners:-

Step – 1

The larger the square, the more area you will place in lots of details in your mandala art. Next, draw two circles of 2cm And 3cm

Step – 2

Again, draw two circles of 5cm and 6cm surrounding the above two circles in the first step. These circles complete the outline of the mandala.

Step – 3

Now make a straight line in the middle of the circle. Then take a protractor, divide circles with 20° angle, & make 18 sections using a ruler, pencil

Step – 4

Continue adding detail to your 2nd inner circle with many short triangles

Step – 5

Now draw some more curve lines as you saw and draw some diagonal line on one side and fill black color in another side of the inner circle. 

Step – 6

In the 2nd outer circle, you can draw small flowers in the middle of curve lines and then repeat your pattern.

Step – 7

In the outermost circle of the mandala, you can draw loop shapes all over the circle. This creates repetition, which is the main objective of creating a mandala.

Step – 8

At last, erase unnecessary pencil outline and draw a wheel in the middle of the circle. So, here is the final look of your Mandala art.


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