Everything You Need to Know About Seated Bicep Curl 

Know About Seated Bicep Curl 

What is a Seated Bicep Curl?

Biceps curls are an exercise for the wholesome workout of your upper arms. These are usually of two major types:

  1. Standing biceps curls.
  2. Seated biceps curls

Standing biceps curls:- A standing bicep curl requires you to do curls while in a standing position, and a seated bicep curl means to do curls while sitting. 

Seated biceps curls:- A seated bicep curl can allow better isolation of the biceps. It fixes the lower half of the body and excludes the core. It entirely focuses on the hand workout and does not involve the lower body. 

How to do a Seated Bicep Curl?

Step 1: Starting Position

  1. Sit on the machine and place your arms over the inclined pad.
  2. Adjust the seat height until you are in a position where the middle of the elbows aligns with the fulcrum/axis of rotation of the moving lever of the machine. 
  3. Then grab the handle with a good grip and keep a neutral wrist position. 
  4. Your elbows should get in a position where they are extended but not fully locked.
  5. Now stabilize your spine by bracing your abdominal muscles. 
  6. Try to avoid any movement in your lower back during exercise.
  7. Get yourself in a position where your head is aligned to your spine, pull back and lower your shoulder and try to hold this position while you are exercising. 

Step 2:

  1. Stay gentle for this step, keep your wrist in a neutral position, and avoid any movement in your torso altogether. 
  2. Then gently exhale.
  3. Now slowly curl the bar in the upwards direction towards your chest by bending your elbow.

Step 3:

  1. Continue with your curling movement upward, only to the extent your elbow can bend. 
  2. Pause for a moment
  3. Then slowly return to your initial position.
  4. Now slowly extend your elbows and move the handles back towards the floor.
  5. Stop when your arms are fully extended but not locked 
  6. The back of your forearms should make slight contact with the pad.
  7. And now repeat the movement. 

Exercise Variation for Seated Bicep Curl

machine seated bicep curl

You can perform this exercise unilaterally or use one arm at a time. This exercise targets the biceps specifically. You need to follow proper techniques and safety measures to avoid severe injury or unnecessary stress in the lower back. Your back may get stressed if you unnecessarily swing your torso backward during the exercise.

If you are recovering from some injury, you can go easy on the weight. In case of serious injury, go for light weights like 2 pounds. You can even take help from a partner to assist you. If it stresses your other body parts, you should always prefer seated bicep curls instead of standing. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Seated Bicep Curl

The seated bicep curl is a great exercise for the entire body, but it’s especially beneficial for the arms and shoulders. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this exercise.

Advantages of Seated Bicep Curl

  1. A bicep curl is very reliable for enhancing your everyday work experience. Curls work on the biceps muscles, which are present in the front of the upper arm and the lower arm. The upper arm muscle is the brachialisand the lower arm muscle is the brachioradialis
  2. Performing bicep exercise’s foremost goal is to target the bicep muscles solely. And with this exercise, the core becomes a non-factor because the hips are anchored into the seat. This exercise helps to isolate the bicep muscles properly.
  3. If you have any injury in the lower body, this exercise can help avoid any further stress on the lower extremities. 

Disadvantages of Seated Bicep Curl

  1. Seated bicep curls involve only the biceps, which are weak muscles. Doing this exercise allows only lifting less weight which means less overload, which is further less gratifying.
  2. These curls do not involve the whole body in the process, resulting in less growth in the long run. Including a mixture of compound and isolation bicep movements can ensure optimal growth for the head of the biceps and forearms. 

Common Mistakes We All Do While Performing Seated Bicep Curl

bicep curl at home

Are you struggling to perform the seated bicep curl? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to squeeze the same amount of resistance from their biceps when they’re seated, leading to decreased muscle definition and strength.

This article will discuss some of the most common mistakes that people make while performing this exercise and offer a solution.

1. Improper Elbow Position

The positioning of your elbows should not change during the exercise. They should remain in the position where they are placed close to the side of your body, and only the lower part of the arm should move.

If your elbows are moving somewhere away from the torso or are in front or behind the body, you are most likely lifting heavyweight.

2. Moving too fast

Ensure to have patience all along while you are lifting the dumbbells and moving your arms. Remember not to go too fast during any of the steps. Take your time and concentrate on the proper form rather than speeding up the process.

3. Using Momentum

Don’t use your torso or shoulders while lifting weights. You may have swinging, twisting, or heaving movements in your arm. Even though your other body parts are least involved, keep your spine upright and tall and your core tight.

Keep the shoulders relaxed and ensure that they don’t move away or start the movement. Only choose light weights or reduce the number of repetitions you do.

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