8 Smart Travel Packing Tips For A Smooth And Peaceful Trip

travel packing tips for you

Whether we are on a family trip or a solo one, we often struggle with packing our bags before departure. Or even if we do pack at the right moment and are halfway through the trip, we recall that we left something very essential at home. Now we know that organizing and planning things, and following good travel packing tips can help you escape the hassle of packing at the last minute.

Yet, we avoid them as much as our comfort zone asks us to. Still, here are some smart travel packing tips for you to get started and have a pleasant trip experience.


1. Pre-Plan Your Outfits

Going on a beach trip and your destination might be a beach? Plan the outfit that you would wear after you change your clothes for the first time at the destination. It is important to plan the outfit sequence or at least pick the first outfit for your trip to get a boosted start. This is not only essential but also the most useful travel packing tips among others cited here.

Pre plan for packing is the travel packing tips

For making it hassle-free, make a list first and check the items at the time of packing things. This way you won’t forget to carry everything you need.

2. Roll Your Clothes, Not fold

If you have always rolled your clothes before putting them inside the bag, you’re smart with packing already. But if you have never done this before, please do. Folding your clothes can bring creases to them that would make them wrinkly after your take them out.

Roll your clothes is also a travel packing tips

To roll your shirts or t-shirts, fold the sleeves in and roll them all the way up from the bottom. For your pants, bring together both legs by folding the pants from the middle, then start rolling from the waist.

3. Choose Clothes according to the trip duration and type

The best clothes for short trips are the most flexible ones and for the long-term ones are versatile clothes. Why is this so? It’s because short trips require clothes that are comfortable and give a pleasant experience in that short period.

As for long trips, the destination settings might change. For instance, if you’re going on a trip to London or U.S.A., then it’s important for you to carry clothes that would fit every situation. On one day, you could go to church and on the other, you could go to a party.

How to choose the perfect outfit for different settings?

You simply need to make a list of what possible places you could go to on your trip. Then pick clothing that will suit those places and will make you feel comfortable.

4. Go through Baggage – Fee policies

Trying to stuff your bag as much as possible? It’s okay. All you need to do is to understand the baggage-fee policy while travelling.

Go through Baggage Fee policies is the travel packing tips


For U.S. airlines, the baggage-allowance policy is:

  • Dimensions(length +height + width) – 62 inch or 158cm (max allowed)
  • Weight – 50 lbs or 23 kg (max allowed)
  • For first or business class – 32 kg (max weight allowed)

The checked bag charges may vary with the origin and destination of your trip. So make sure to go through these policies before packing anything.

5. Pack laundry items

‘Why would I be washing my clothes while enjoying my trip?’

To enjoy the trip peacefully. It’s smart to carry small-sized laundry items that can keep your clothes fresh and reusable on the same trip.

A washing set, a portable clothesline, and a small brush or some clips can do great wonders for you.

Pack laundry items comes under travel packing tips

Some hotels don’t charge extra fees for the laundry or let you do it in the hotel itself. But when you are in a hotel that charges you extra or on a cruise, then these items will seem like the best decision you made.

You can wash your clothes in a sink and then hang them using a portable adjustable clothesline that can hang by the hooks from one corner to another in a room. This also retains the clothes’ quality and fresh smell because of natural solar heat and gentle breezes.

6. Pick Clothes that are Mixable

Planned a trip to the mountains and now going to a club on the second day of your journey? This feels like a terrible situation; a costly one at that.

Picking Clothes comes under travel packing tips

In order to remove that upcoming mishap, pack clothes that can be worn mixed or in a different manner to suit the situation. Some colors like dark hues and dull can be good for calm destinations while 2 pairs of vibrant and patterned clothes would come in handy for later.

You should also pack dual-purpose items. They could serve in two different kinds of weather and also different kinds of themes.

7. Put immediate-use items on the top or in an Unchecked Bag

Do not get your essential items checked at all. Imagine you went through the checking at the airport, sitting calmly on your seat, and suddenly realize you’re getting your period. Guess where did your tampons go? To the checked items list and somewhere you can’t get them from.

Put immediate-use items comes under travel packing tips

Therefore, the things you need from time to time should be kept in a bag that you can carry along inside the airplane or anywhere. 

A tote bag is considered one of the best travel packing tips according to most people who had fine traveling experiences.

8. Use Packing aids

Not just in electricals, the world has advanced in gadgets for common uses too. Now we have gadgets for packing called packing aids. You need not worry about space or heavy luggage while traveling with these.

Here is a list of packing aids to make your packing smoother and more stylish:

(a) Packing Cubes

You can hold your stuff in an organized way and find it easy to carry with the use of a packing cube. These are good substitutes for asymmetric packing bags.

Packing Cubes is the part of travel packing tips

(b) Vacuum Bags

If you’re carrying something that is compressible then you should definitely try vacuum bags. After putting your things inside one of these bags, you can suck out the air through a vacuum which makes them lighter and flatter.

You see these transparent bags in the bottom left corner are the vacuum bags we’re talking about. 

Vacuum Bags is an important travel packing tips

(c) Sachets or Kits

Kits are a smart way to keep your essential objects in one place and are easy to carry wherever you go. It feels annoying if you have to dig inside a giant bag to look for your digital camera or power bank. Doesn’t it? 

Buying one of these can save you from all of that trouble.

Sachets or kits comes under travel packing tips

(d) Dry Bags

You keep a raincoat at home during the monsoon or in case of accident rainfalls. Why not keep a bag that protects your belongings from getting wet? It’s better to use a dry bag and pack your stuff than to use a regular bag for important articles. The dry bag protects things inside of it from damage after getting lost or being drenched. 

These are some travel packing tips whether or not you travel often. Some ideas can make our lives easier if you take them into practice. Right? So go ahead and make the most out of this post.

Furthermore, if you could relate to any of the tips then we’re hoping that something added to your list from here.

And if any of this information sounds productive to you, make sure to check out other traveling posts too.

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1. What should I not pack when traveling?

Ans. The things that you should avoid bringing on a trip are:

  • Heavy items
  • Your best shoes
  • Loads of books or magazines. (You can carry any one or two books for a good reading time)
  • Expensive objects that could get lost
  • Jewelry and other precious items
  • More than one pair of jeans
  • Extra toiletries
  • Hiking essentials like those boots

2. What is allowed in a Carry-on bag?

Ans. The answer is quarter-sized bags of aerosols, gels, paste, or liquids. Nothing among these should be more than 3.4 ounces in quantity

3. What should I not wear at the Airport security line?

Ans. You should not wear clothes that are too heavy and baggy. This is so because security checks can be really tough if you wear them. They will stop you from going through a security check due to the suspicion of carrying prohibited items.

4. How can I pack my meds to avoid any issues at the airport?

Ans. You can carry your meds in the checked bag or the carry-on bag as long as they are screened properly. It is preferred that you carry the prescription for those meds.
Also, it’s better that you keep them with you in the carry-on bag to get better access to them in need.

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