Some Quick And Useful Tips When Traveling

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Pre-Trip Or Before Getting Onboard

A. Bringing the right      things

Thinks to Take

Thinks not to Take

A towel

Prescribed meds

Powerbank and cable

Extra undergarments

Too many clothes

Prohibited items

Too many clothes

Jewelry or expensive     items

B. Checking the best      time to travel

Time: According to surveys, it is the best fit for you to travel in the early morning or at night.

Day: The best days to travel are usually the ones far away from the holidays.

C. Taking Certain     Precautions/Tips     Seriously

C. Taking certain     Precautions/Tips       Seriously

– Arriving at the station, airport, or seaport a     few hours early. – Weighing your luggage – Check the tickets and other information     related to your trip – Look for additional fare charges and     benefits on credit card

After Getting Onboard


White Frame Corner

White Frame Corner

C. Taking Certain     Precautions/Tips     Seriously

Some tips when traveling to keep in mind:-

- If you’re traveling on a train, pick upper   berths for night travel.  -Book a premium service when booking   tickets.  - If you have noisy company, plug in your  headphones and read something to distract  yourself

From A Travel Medium Toward Your Destination


C. Taking Certain     Precautions/Tips     Seriously

After getting off your flight, Few Things to concern:-

1 Availability of healthcare    services.

2. Local fare charges.

4. Hotel and other service     reviews.

3. Stalked or taken for advantage.

During A Trip


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C. Taking Certain     Precautions/Tips     Seriously

A few actions can make your trip smoother:-

– Not carrying your luggage    everywhere you go – Keeping money in cash form – Keeping documents with you on     your phone

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