5 Pro Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Weight Naturally

Do you want to lose weight naturally so here this article can help you. Losing weight has become one of the most challenging tasks nowadays. It is considering how the concerns of the world’s widespread species, homo sapiens, have shifted to losing weight rather than focusing on all the other things. It shows how much of a big deal it has become for people. And suppose this concern is being widely discussed. In that case, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant psychological and bodily issues being faced currently. 

According to the website IPSOS, the report of a study done in 30 countries shows that almost 45% of the world’s current population is presently trying to lose weight. Not only this, these figures change when we discuss this in respect of different countries in whom the study was done. 

For some people, losing weight is the way to a healthy lifestyle, and for some, it is the change they want to get in their daily body, shame, and self-doubt challenges they have to face.  Today the internet is full of transformation and motivation videos related to weight loss. All these videos add to the confusion you are already In.

Choosing which method to use or which strategy would be better for you become harsh. It is important to note that not all plans and procedures work the same way they work on the other person, so you need to choose the RIGHT way. Remember that you have a different body type from the person you are watching on your 5.5 or 6 inches screen. 

Suppose you have read this article until here or skipped the intro part (no problem at all, because the best part is yet to come) and directly jumped onto this part. In that case, you are searching for different strategies and ways to lose weight quickly. But, no method is ever as easy as it may sound. So leave your extra sweetened coffee, tea, or processed snack bags, and grab your pen and notes

Easy ways to lose weight

Here are Some proven ways that help you to lose weight. 

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is an excellent method for people wishing to lose weight but doesn’t want to skip part of their daily food intake. So how exactly does sporadic fasting work OR what is done in Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting works on limiting your eating time and creating an eating window. Fasting here doesn’t mean not eating anything the whole day. Instead, restricting the entire eating time and habit gives your body time to digest the food and increase the rate of the metabolism process. We all know that the fast metabolism process means the immediate breakage of food and the immediate release of energy. 

Intermittent Fasting or IF is a method that revolves around the basic concepts of fasting and eating and creates a harmonious equilibrium between them in the body. It is not new to the world that even Ayurveda supports the idea of fasting for balancing the chakras and doshas.

Intermittent Fasting can be done in either of the four ways: 

a. The 16/8 Fasting Rule

In this, You restrict yourself to an 8-hour eating window in a day, and the remaining 16 hours are used as a fasting time. It is essential to know that nothing solid is consumed during the 16-hours fasting period. And when we say nothing, it expressly includes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Water is considered an ideal consumption item during the fasting period.

The “NOTHING TO BE EATEN” method is used because it transforms into glucose when a human body consumes something. And When glucose enters your blood releases insulin and makes way for the unwanted fat in the tissues resulting in weight gain. And when we fast, the body restricts its insulin access and escape, forcing the body cells to restore themselves by using other means to release energy for the body. The ideal time for the 16/8 rule goes around noon to 8 pm as an eating window and 8 pm to noon (the next day) as the fasting period. It is not true that you should start straight with the 16/8 rule, you can also start with the 12/12 or 14/10 rule initially and gradually increase the duration of the fasting period with time. Everything stays the same for the latter regulations as well. 

But one essential thing to keep in mind while fasting is to keep yourself hydrated for the whole period. Also, water helps to overcome the feeling of hunger in many cases and reduces the urge to eat something during the fasting period. 

b. Alternate Day Fasting

This includes fasting every alternate day and eating correctly on the eating days. Most importantly, even while eating during the non-fasting, you should avoid anything that can cause excessive insulin release in your body. 

c. Eat-Stop-Eat Method

You can even give your body a break from your whole day’s eating schedule by restricting time and giving yourself breaks between eating. Make sure your stop time is enough for your body to stop releasing insulin. You have consumed nothing except water during that period. 

d. The 5:2 Rule

You can even go for the 5:2 Rule of Fasting, where you can choose two days of fasting from the week. 

Fasting alone can’t help you reduce weight and get rid of the excess fat in your body. It would help if you did some exercises to help fasten the process of burning fat in your body. Exercises are not only a connecting point to the Intermittent fasting concept, but also an individual needs to focus on doing some exercise. Cardio exercises are proven to be the most helpful activity to reduce excess fat. 

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2. Cutting Back on Sugar

This is important (as in really important). If you wish to lose that little extra weight, you need to cut down on your daily sugar intake. And when we say sugar intake, it also includes artificial sugar and preservatives (that have a slight amount of sugar in them, which does not allow your body to lose weight).

So basically, if you want to lose weight naturally and that extra fat naturally, then you need to sacrifice all your munchies in the holly fire of a healthy diet. So does that mean that you can not munch anything as your snack when you are hungry or do not actually feel like eating but also want to eat something? 

The answer is YES. You surely don’t need to cut down on your snacks. Still, you need to cut down on that sugar or, more appropriately, artificial sugar and preservatives. It would help if you did an effortless yet efficient way of helping yourself lose weight.

It would help fill those snack boxes with some healthy options as your snacks. And we are not talking about the snacks that have “healthy” written on their packs. They also have sugar in them, but thanks to their marketing techniques, people fall for their names and products easily without checking the back of the packets for a reality check.

Even if you check the packages, some brands are smart enough to fool you by either not mentioning the names or replacing and mentioning some other names on them. So it’s sad to know, but this revelation is essential to make, that all of your favorite snacks (even the ones claiming to help you lose weight or healthy written on it) have sugar in them, making you unable to lose weight

So keep that wafers packet aside now and grab a fresh bowl of hard-boiled eggs instead (also a pinch of pink salt if you need it, it tastes heaven, okay). You should also avoid refined carbohydrates if you look for weight loss regimes. 

TIP:- Take your pen and write down all the snacks’ names that you need to avoid because you need to avoid almost every snack you binge in to lose weight. Also, try to stick this on every wall and corner of your house so that you don’t forget it. 

No need to worry, and you can switch to homemade and healthy options. 

3. Getting Proper Sleep

Believe it or not, getting proper sleep and losing weight has everything to do with each other. You can understand it as an inversely proportional relationship. So, when one goes up, the other goes down, and vice-versa. When you don’t provide your body with an adequate amount of sleep, it starts turning to store all the unused energy as fat resulting in “not being able to lose weight”.

It is a scientifically proven fact that an insufficient amount of sleep reduces the process of metabolism. In simple words, all the calories you have consumed do not get converted into energy; instead, they get stored in the body as unwanted fat. The amount of sleep you get also affects appetite-controlling hormones. In simple terms, the amount of sleep you provide your body directly affects your hunger for food in you. 

Not only this, but you also need to eat at a  proper and fixed time. This means today you have your dinner by 7, then tomorrow also, you will have to eat it at the same and not past 10. Following eating, a schedule helps your body identify the kind of food you eat and the metabolism process. Eating late or binging midnight snacks is just not helpful for you, instead, it disturbs the healthy cycle of your body. 

4. Increase the Amount of Water Intake

This is another believe it or not fact. You don’t specifically need to reduce the amount of food you eat. Still, instead, you can increase the amount of water you drink to make yourself feel fulfilled. It is true that half of the time, when you are feeling the urge to eat something, you are not feeling hungry, or your body does not want food.

You need to understand the difference between being hungry and just wanting to eat something. You can drink plenty of water when you want to eat something. Also, there’s no drawback to drinking water, and instead, you can get as many benefits from drinking water as you want. 

5. Use Smaller Plates

It is more like a psychological fact that we perceive the size of the plate as the amount of food we want to eat. We usually think that if we eat on a giant leaf, we may be fulfilled in a better way. But no. You don’t need to fulfill your body with the bigger dishes you’re eating on.

We usually eat more at the end of our meals because we feel that we need to finish everything on our plates. But, the actual scene kicks in when we realize that it is not the size of the dishes that decides the amount of food we need to eat; instead, we choose. 

Remember that 80% of the food is the amount of food you are not required to eat. Smaller portions can always fulfill you, and more significant portions are always a myth. 


It is important to accept your body rather than chase unrealistic expectations. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a choice, and so is losing weight. Don’t forget that losing weight is a way to opt for a healthy lifestyle, not an obligation or pressure. Accepting your body and weight is way more important than randomly going after any method and strategy for losing weight. 

You can’t lose weight in a day, and you need to take baby steps every day to reach your goal.

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