Seated Biceps Curl at Home and its Alternative

Seated Bicep Curls at Home

If you’re looking to tone up your arms, you might want to try seated bicep curls at home. Seated biceps curls are an exercise for the wholesome workout of your upper arms. These are of two types:

  1. Standing biceps curls
  2. Seated biceps curls. 

As the name suggests, the former requires standing straight, and the latter requires sitting straight on a heavy balanced bench.  

A seated bicep curl can allow better isolation of the biceps. It fixes the lower half of the body and excludes the core. It entirely focuses on the hand workout and does not involve the lower body. 

This movement allows a person to focus on the actions of the biceps, like elbow flexion and supination of the forearm. Elbow flexion is known as bend, and forearm is known as the external rotation. 

The difficulty in targeting the biceps is that they are tiny muscles. It gets challenging to target them while performing other major exercises targeting other muscles. 

Larger muscles get over-compensated or over-worked out during the routine. These muscles get involved in every other exercise in different ways. The person uses all the big powers when he reaches his fatigue stage. 

It is essential to place the biceps in a position where they are the only muscles targeted. And this way, it becomes easier to promote bicep growth quickly.  

When we sit and do biceps curls, the core is an inactive and non-factor due to the hips anchored to the seat. This way, it allows excellent isolation of the biceps. 

In gyms, you can perform seated bicep curl on the seated bicep curl machine, which supports the arms and places the rest of the body perfectly with steadiness.

But many people can’t get themselves a vast gym machine like that at home. So what should they do?  

For them, we have got you some ways you can do your favorite seated bicep excecise at home using some easy-to-find equipment at home. 

Alternative Ways to Do Seated Biceps Curl at Home

Many people enjoy the feeling of a good pump and love to do seated biceps curls as part of their workout routine. However, there are many ways to achieve the same effect without sitting in a chair. This article will discuss some alternate options for doing seated biceps curls that will give you the same satisfying results.

1. Adjustable Bench Seated Bicep Curls at Home

Adjustable Bench Seated Bicep Curls at Home

You would need an adjustable bench for this exercise. This exercise is even called “over bench curl,” or in simple words, curls you can perform on an incline bench. This is an excellent alternative to the seated bicep curl. 

You can do this exercise with barbells also. But in this case, you will have to have a very close grip on the barbells to have impeded your range of motion. 

But always try to go for dumbbells. You can use your spare arm to take support from the bench. This movement will also ensure that you keep your tension firmly on your biceps and that both your arms work equally. 

How to Do This:

  1.  Start by setting your whole exercising equipment in place. Put your weight bench to a 45 degrees angle and the backrest to your side.  
  2.  Then curl your weight towards your front delt. 
  3.  Then make sure to curl up to the point where the bicep and forearm make a forceful contact.
  4.  Now slowly lower your dumbbell until your below is straight and extended. 

2. Use an Office/Study Chair Seated Bicep Curls at Home

Office or Study Chair Seated Bicep Curls at Home

Although you can use any chair present at your home, office/study chairs are a little more comfortable due to their padding. Office chairs are taller than any other regular chair. 

Moreover, they can provide better support to the arm and help closely mimic the dumbbell curl movement. 

How to Do This:

  1.  Begin by holding a dumbbell in one hand and brace your arm against the chair’s backrest. 
  2.  Now use your other hand to pull back the backrest to create a slope.
  3.  Now curl the weight upwards without going off the contact and grip of the upper arm from the backrest. 
  4.  Then, keep lifting the dumbbell until you feel a squeeze between your bicep and forearm. 
  5.  Lastly, lower your dumbbell slowly until your elbow is fully extended. 
  6.  You can do 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps.

3. Can Try on the Sofa Seated Bicep Curls at Home

sofa seated bicep curl

You can consider a sofa for this exercise, due to the heavy padding. This padding can help keep the arm properly while doing biceps. 

Try to do this exercise while you lay back on your stomach so that it takes away the pressure from your lower back. 

You can also do this with barbells. But dumbbells are more advised so that you don’t have to put extra strain on your lower back. 

How to Do This:

  1.  Begin by placing a dumbbell at the end of the sofa (where you’ll put your head). 
  2.  Now lie down on the couch and brace your arm against the side of the sofa’s armrest.
  3.  Then grab the dumbbell and curl it towards you while keeping the grip of your arm pressed against the armrest.
  4.  Now feel the pressure between the bicep and forearm while your forearm pushes against it.
  5.  Lastly, slowly lower the weight. 

Take a ways for a Seated Bicep Curl

The methods you try as an alternative for the seated bicep curls at home would work similarly to the gym. Every way, you’re going to increase the size and strength of the biceps if done correctly.

A good diet and recovery regime could also help work on your biceps better. 

All these alternatives are for people who do not have access to heavy equipment and machines like others at home. People can continue to perform their favorite exercises using these. 

seated bicep curls are a great exercise to perform at home, and they are also a great way to build muscle.

If you still don’t find these exercises comfortable with alternatives, you can probably go for some other exercises. But remember that these exercises should work on the same muscles and give away the same results.

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