Leg Press Alternatives You Can Practice at Home

Leg press at home

If so, you’ll want to try leg presses at home. If you wish to do your leg workout but don’t want to leave your house, you can still choose the alternatives for your leg press exercises. Although we all know that leg presses are the most popular machines in gyms for lower body workouts. These machines can help build muscles and strength. 

Leg presses are a good alternative for squats. Lifters believe that leg presses are physically less exhausting than squats. Additionally, people suffering from a lower back injury and incorrect form can always switch to the leg press. 

But what about people who are not a huge fan of gyms and prefer to work out at home? They obviously can’t get a big leg press machine at home. Alternatives for leg press are an excellent option for them. 

So let’s jump onto some alternatives that require hardly any home gym equipment and can be a super-effective leg press alternative. 

Leg Press Alternative Exercise to Do at Home

Do you hate doing traditional exercises at the gym? Well, we’ve got just the solution – an alternative exercise to do at home that will target your upper body. This leg press alternative exercise is simple, easy to do, and will help you tone your upper body while burning calories. Let’s get started.

1. Leg Press With Resistance Bands

 Resistance Bands

A resistance band can be a good alternative for a leg press machine. You can do a leg press exercise the same way you do on a leg press machine. Additionally, it can replace the weights used in a leg press machine. 

This exercise with resistance bands can help work on the same muscles you work on a leg press machine. You only need a resistance band and a mat or chair. 

How to Do This:

This variety of resistance band leg presses works against gravity similarly to how leg presses work.

  1. Start with laying down with your face up and feet off the mat. Now bend your knees so that you’re creating a 90-degree angle. Then flex your feet and point your toes against the ceiling.
  2. Now put a band around your feet, have a good hold on the ends, and keep your feet side by side.
  3. Then ensure that your feet are pressed against the band until your legs are appropriately stretched and straight. 
  4. Now bend your knees to return to your initial pose of 90 degrees.
  5. In the beginning, start this alternative exercise with a set of 8-12 reps. 

2. Broad Jump Leg Press at Home

Broad Jump

This plyometric exercise requires your legs to produce much power and work on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. 

Jumping exercises can be an excellent option to increase your lower body strength. These exercises can also help activate and utilize more muscle fibers while working out. 

The catch here is to land with soft knees to don’t injure yourself. 

How to Do This:

  1. Begin with keeping your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor.
  2. Then inhale slowly and then swing your arms backward. Next, bend your knees and hips, ensuring your knees stay in line with the toes. 
  3. Now continue bending your knees until your upper legs parallel the floor. And your back stays between a 45-90 degrees angle to the hips forming the “squat position”.
  4. Next, exhale and swing your arms so that your body propels upward and forward, and you land up in a squat position. 
  5. While doing this, make sure that you land up safe with soft knees to prevent any injury. 

3. Step-Ups

Step-Ups leg press at home

It is a unilateral exercise where each leg engages to work on its own. This exercise will help you strengthen your core so that you don’t have lower back pain. 

It might look challenging to some people due to the coordination factor that you won’t quickly get with other exercises. The reason behind it is the constant stepping up and down on a high box. It resembles the leg press in the way of long-range motion

You would need a box or weight bench (to step on it) and dumbbells. It works on your hamstrings, glutes, and core.

How to Do This:

  1. Place your foot on the step, hold the dumbbells at your side, and try to engage your core. 
  2. Now step up in the box by using the pushing force of the front foot and make sure you are not cheating by springing off the floor using your bottom foot. 
  3. When your feet are on the box, slowly lower your back leg down and under the control of your front leg.
  4. You can repeat this according to the requirement of your leg.

4. Walking Lunges (Dumbbell Version) Leg Press at Home

Walking Lunges leg press at home

The walking lunges leg press at home will help you tone your thighs, hips, and glutes like never before! Walking lunges are commonly known to have various benefits. They work to improve your balance and work on both sides of the body. They even blend the use of the core as a stabilizer. 

As a leg press alternative, it promotes hip flexibility and tones some primary muscles. It is also known to boost immunity and functionality. 

It is a convenient exercise that requires only dumbbells and can help to work on your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. 

How to Do This:

With this exercise, you can focus on your core which can help you prevent serious injury.

  1. Begin with two dumbbells. You have to extend to the sides of your body.
  2. Then ensure that you have a proper athletic position ready.
  3. Keep your head straight and take a step forward (take a comfortable step and not a big one).
  4. Now keep your chest out and core engaged.
  5. Then when you are at the bottom of the movement, return to your initial position while keeping your core strong and head straight.
  6. Do 3 sets of 8 reps on each side. 

5. Weighted Wall Sit

leg press at home

This exercise can help you target your quads like a narrow stance leg press. The added weight makes it exciting and engaging and can add bodyweight for your starters.

How to Do This:

  1. Begin with a weight plate that suits you. 
  2. Then stand against a wall and walk your feet out a bit.
  3. Now lower your body down until you are in a position where your thighs are parallel to the ground. 
  4. Make sure that your knees are behind or in line with your toes.
  5. After you are stable, place the weight plate on your legs carefully.
  6. Lastly, hold this position for the desired time or 30-60 seconds.

Essential Things to Know Before Starting These Alternative Exercises

These exercises can help you achieve similar lower body benefits that you can gain from a leg press set. Another advantage is that you can do it without a machine and at home. 

They tend to engage multiple muscles at the same time. Even though these exercises don’t need a machine to achieve the results, they will still require you to check your safety measures.

Before starting these exercises, talk to your trainer about everything. Begin with light weights and low reps as a newbie.

Remember to have a proper warm-up before starting and stretching your glutes later. A good warm-up can help you to prevent any injury and get the blood flow to the necessary muscle groups that you will work on. If so, you’ll love using leg presses at home.

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