How to Start Running for Beginners: 5 Best Workout

How to Start Running for Beginners

Running exercises/workouts is not an easy task for everyone. Here are some great tips or techniques to help you do it properly and get the most out of your running workout. In this blog, we will talk about “How to Start Running for Beginners.”

Ultimate Guide on How to Start Running for Beginners

  1. Squats
  2. Backward Lunge
  3. Rolling Side Plank
  4. Mountain Climbing
  5. Walking lunges

Running for Beginners: Running is the best way to for your healthy lifestyle. Running is free, you can do it anywhere, and it burns more calories than any other regular workout.

If you are a beginner in running, you have to know these things; regular physical activity can lower the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. It can also improve your mood swings and help you lose weight. This guide is designed to conduct a safe and fun experience for beginners and give you running tips for a beginner on how to stay motivated. Strength training can be of great benefit to athletes.

First of all, strong leg muscles can bring a lot of energy when working, while strengthening the connective tissue (muscles and tendons) can make you less prone to injury. Improving your upper extremities can also increase your efficiency.

With a strong spine, you’ll be able to maintain a stable upper body, reduce side and side movements – and better hold your form at the end of the race when you start to get tired. And by building power in your hands, you will improve your driving arm to add more power.

How to Start Running Exercises for Beginners?

Take a 90-minute break between each set and two minutes of rest before moving on to the next. When you follow this process, focus on making your form better rather than completing the tests as soon as possible. Use a mirror or ask a friend to watch you do the exercises correctly.

Follow these exercises below in sequence if you are a beginner in running:-

1. Squats – How to do Squats?

How to Start Running for Beginners

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands tied to the chest.
  • Send the hips back and bend the knees down to the square until the thighs are almost flat on the floor.
  • Keep your chest up.
  • By pressing the heels together, you can return to the starting position.
  • Make three sets of ten reps.
  • Make the square reach as high as possible and sit down well between each rep.

2. Backward Lunge – How to do Backward Lunge?

How to Start Running for Beginners

  • Start with standing hands on hips.
  • Take a big step back with your right foot and lower it down the right knee.
  • Both knees should make 90-degree angles.
  • Keep your left knee above your left ankle and chest raised – do not lean forward.
  • Press with the left heel to stand back in the starting position.
  • Repeat with the other leg. That is 1 rep. Reset 8 to 10.
  • Try lunging between each piece of cloth, blow into the air, open your arms forward, and turn your legs between the scissors.
  • Sit in the hole with your different legs forward.

3. Rolling Side Plank – How to do Rolling Side Plank 

How to Start Running for Beginners

  • Start with the arm plank before the arm layers are attached,
  • The shoulders are directly over the elbows, and the spine joint so the body is straight from the heels to the shoulders.
  • Don’t let the hills sink.
  • Combine the core and remove the weight to the left arm as you rotate to the left and stretch the right arm straight up.
  • Go back to the first place and repeat 10 reps.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Start with the base arm for building basic and shoulder strength, and work your way to the side plank.

4. Mountain Climbing – How to do Mountain Climbing? 

How to Start Running for Beginners

  • Start at the top of the plank, the wrists under the shoulders, and the involved neck so that the body is straight from head to toe.
  • Bring the right knee to the chest, then return to the starting position.
  • Bring the left knee to the chest, then return to the starting position.
  • That is 1 rep. Keep the other legs in place while maintaining proper shape; do not change your lower back position as you move your legs.
  • Make 3 sets of 10 reps. Other legs are very fast and keep increasing your speed.

5. Walking lunges – How to do Walking Lunges?

How to Start Running for Beginners

  • Stand with your feet separated by a width.
  • Take a step forward with one leg and lower your body and back to the floor, ensuring that you do not touch it.
  • Keep your front knee above your ankle and your body upright.
  • Squeeze your back leg and press your front back to meet your hind leg.
  • Replace your lead leg, to make the task more challenging, hold a dumbbell in each hand next to you.
  • Alternatively, to use your core more, hold a wooden ball in both hands in front of you.
  • Keep your arms straight and bring the ball over your head as you move forward to straighten up.
  • Lower it as you go back to standing.


Above are some easy exercises that help you improve your running skills if you are a beginner in running. But with all these, you have to stay calm because there is no shortcut to anything. Every work process takes some time to complete, so there is some guidance for how to start running for beginners.

When you’re comfortable running for 20 to 30 minutes at a leisurely pace (your level of effort drops below 6, and you’re confident enough to make a note), it’s time to introduce a challenge. Your next step is to extend your total exercise time or running amount each week. But choose one at a time, Meyer said. For example, do not aim to go for 30 minutes instead of 20.

Alternatively, instead of three times per week, run four times. A sixth most crucial rule of thumb: Increase your total weekly or distance by no more than 10 percent from week to week. Example: If you run a total of 90 minutes this week, you will run 99 next week. Or, if you run a total of 10 miles this week, you will run 11 miles next week.

Also, please don’t sit on one bad run because everyone has it. Yes, even beauty. “Running is about accumulating work – day by day, working – until you can see it all. So focus on showing a little bit every day.

Some days you will feel amazing; some days you will feel bad,” as an old saying “Success is not determined by one day, but by all combined.”

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