How to Get Up Early – 9 Steps to Success at Getting Up in the Morning

How to Get Up Early – 9 Steps To Success At Getting up in the Morning

Life has gotten so busy and so tedious these days. How often do we turn down our phones and take a walk or ditch frequent parties and cook healthy food at home? It is no question to us why we are in the pipeline to stressed culture. For people who claim to be early birds are also forgetting how to get up early in the morning. It keeps getting harder to stick to healthy habits.

“Oh! I know you want me to exercise, eat healthily, and socialize more. I have been trying to do that but it’s of no use to me since I work full-time.”

Now, let’s ask ourselves a question, “How can I change my life in the simplest possible manner?” For this, a solution that most wellness gurus and authors give is to enhance your morning routine. Read further to understand the underlying motive behind this and its connection to our life.

Why is a Good Sleeping Routine so Important?

Honestly many reasons to state here but we’ll focus on the crucial ones to save your time:-

1) A Better and More Peaceful Sleep

How to Get Up Early–9 Steps To Success At Getting up in the Morning

For proper bedtime, you’ll be going to get up early in the morning easily and also, go to sleep early. If you follow it, you probably understand the value of deep and long slumber.

2) Increased Sense of Calmness in the Morning

How to Get Up Early morning

Once you start waking up fresh, you also start feeling like a bird. Hence, the term- ‘Early Bird’, pun intended. In essence, you feel more at ease and find it easier to relax.

3) Time to Exercise and Get Prepared for the Day Early

How to Get Up Early in the Morning

Want a healthier and fitter body? Then hit those reps you’ve been procrastinating about. The easiest way to do so is by working out early. This not only gives you those curves but also prepares you for the day that you’re going to spend.

4) Better Diet and Mental Health

Get Up Early for having healthy diet

As you find your routine going the right path, you swiftly navigate to better eating options as well. Energy-rich and vitamins-containing foods start seeming more attractive than temporary gratifications.

5) Less Commute Time and Better Stress Management

Less commute time and better stress management

Whether you’re a student, an employee, or a business owner, you can relate to how struggling it gets every day to reach your destination. You may often find yourself sighing, “If only I got out of home/place early”.

The only way to help reduce that trouble is by getting a good start. If your start is well, the journey that follows is automatically well.

6) Improved ability to Cope with Sleeping Disorders

Improved ability to cope with sleeping disorders after getting up early

Famously known as ‘Insomnia’ or a symptom of sleeping disorder arises due to several reasons, known and unknown. Surely, there are clinical and other supervised measures to handle this condition.

You can also do yourself a favor by keeping a good sleep schedule. It may not cure the condition fully but helps in the long run. There are plenty of reasons to explain this but you get the point. I can keep going on and on.

To sum it up, here is a flowchart to make you understand the effects of a good routine:

Superlative Tips to Get Up Early in The Morning

Like any other behavior change precursor, a good sleeping schedule is a voluntarily created habit. Here are some pointers to get started on it:

1. Set up a pre-sleep ritual

Set up a pre-sleep ritual to get early
It can be anything from these or a collection of these:
  • Tidying up your room
  • Taking a bath
  • Listening to music or reading something nerve-calming
  • Playing with your pet or taking them out for a walk
  • Using light perfumes or room-fresheners
2. Put Your Alarm Clock Farther than Hand-Length

Put your alarm clock farther than hand-length to get up early
Well, it is easy to wake up when an alarm goes off, hold out your hand, put it on snooze, and hug the pillow back.
So make sure the clock or the phone is out of your reach, that you have to get out to turn it OFF. This takes effort and actually wakes you up.

3. Meditate Before Sleep

Meditate before sleep to get up early

“Why does everyone preach that so much? Why do others find it easy to advise to meditate than to understand that it is not so easy.”

Understood. It may be hard to get started if you have a jumping mind but not impossible. Start with a 2-5 minutes session every day. Try to show up at first and commit to it, the rest will follow.

4. Remove Noise or Distraction-Inducing Devices From the Space

Remove noise or distraction to get up early in the morning

If you have lots of electronics with screens in your bedroom, then this is a sign to shift them somewhere else today. It is better to keep your room devoid of these devices.

Having a high screen time before sleep is proven to reduce your cognitive ability and function. Along with these detrimental effects, you get darker under-eye bags and circles as a bonus.

5. Get Out of Bed as soon as the Alarm Goes off

Get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off

One way to immediately wake up is by asking your bed-mate to pat you on the cheeks. Or rather… just never do this.
Instead, one thing you can do is to catch that one second when you’re slightly conscious and instantly jumping out of bed. Now your body knows that you’re in action.

6. Go to bed early (and regularly)

Go to bed early (and regularly) to get up early

Going to bed late and expecting to wake up early? Sorry mate, this is not how it works. However, this is one way to derogate your overall health.

Do put pressure on sleeping early even if you forget to follow most of these steps. Because if you sleep early and regularly, you get improved sleep.

This helps in improving your circadian rhythm (“sleep-wake cycle”) and eventually improving major bodily functions.

7. Avoid Caffeine Before Bed

Avoid caffeine before bed if you want to wake up early

There is no need to even state the reason behind this. But for brief- caffeine causes a higher heart rate, dehydration, brain excitement, and restlessness if taken before sleep.

You can’t fall asleep even if you try to after taking a good cup of coffee.

8. Ask Family and Friends to Team up with You for the Process

Ask family and friends to team up with you for the process

It is easier to walk the path that people around us walk as it’s in human nature to follow the majority. Asking your family and friends to be with you in the process associates you with an environment that reinforces the habit.

9. If Fallen Out, Allow Yourself to Get Back on Track

If fallen out, allow yourself to get back on track

Nothing to worry about if you keep waking up late in between. You can let yourself take the slack at times.

But here’s a tip: Do not do it twice in a row

You can stay carefree for the first failure but tighten up for the next day and try possible measures to make sure you wake up early the next day.

These are some ways to understand the reason and benefits of waking up early. Reading this won’t do as much as following at least one of these.

“Own your morning. Elevate your life.” – Robin Sharma, The 5 A.M. Club

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1. How can I wake up early in the morning naturally?

Ans: To wake up at around 5 Am or even earlier, you’ll need to fixate your mind on sleeping early. Nothing works best than having a sleeping routine that helps you get enough sleep and feel fresh when you wake up.
Another way to do this could be sleeping in a place where natural light can enter. Generally, the sun starts rising at 5 am which can illuminate your surroundings and let your brain wake up on its own.

2. Why am I unable to wake up early?

Ans: If you have tried your best in waking up early several times then there can be medical complications to this such as insomnia or sleep apnea. Due to any of this, you may find it hard to get enough sleep and that leads to constant dizziness or fatigue during the daytime.
It’s better to seek a doctor whenever you see any signs of these conditions. Also, a heavy workload can be a reason why you can’t sleep early and thus, wake up early. Try to keep it to a minimum at the end of the day.

3. Is waking up in the early morning healthy?

Ans: Not only healthy but it is also considered the best time to wake up according to sleep experts.
If you’re getting 6-8 hours of sleep, going to bed early, and waking up at 5 am every day then you’re more likely to be at peace from the start. So, try waking up at 5 am regularly and make it your routine.

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