How to Draw Cat 

How to draw cat

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to draw a cat! Whether you’re an aspiring artist or simply looking for a fun activity, learning to draw a feline friend can be rewarding and enjoyable. In this blog post, we’ll take you through creating your own cat drawing from start to finish. So grab your pencils, find a cozy spot, and start this artistic adventure together!

What You’ll Need

You will only need a few supplies to begin your cat drawing journey. In fact, all you really need is a pencil and a piece of paper! However, if you want to add color to your artwork, having colored pencils or markers on hand can be helpful.

  1. Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser

Remember that while high-quality art supplies may enhance your overall experience, they are unnecessary for creating a beautiful cat drawing. The most important thing is your passion and dedication to the craft!

So gather your materials, and let’s get started on this step-by-step cat drawing adventure!

STEP 1- Sketch the Outline of the Cat’s Body

To start your cat drawing, the first step is to sketch the outline of the cat’s body. Begin by creating a vertical line in the center of your paper – this will serve as the backbone for your feline friend. From there, draw an oval shape around it to represent the main body.

Next, add two small circles at the top of the oval for where the head will be positioned. These circles overlap and sit towards one side of your vertical line.

How to draw cat

Now, it’s time to connect these shapes together! Use curved lines to create a smooth transition from the head to the body. Cats have sleek bodies, so try to keep those lines nice and fluid.

How to draw cat

And there you have it – a rough outline of a cat’s body! 

STEP 2- Draw the Front Legs

Begin by drawing two straight lines extending from the body outline to represent the front legs. These lines should be slightly curved at the bottom, indicating where the paws will be.

Next, add a small circle or oval shape at the end of each line to create the paws. Cats have rounded paws with sharp claws, so keep that in mind as you draw these shapes.

Now, it’s time to add some thickness and texture to the legs. Connect each leg shape to its respective paw shape using small curved lines. This will give your cat’s legs a more realistic appearance.

Drawing of cat

STEP 3- Draw the Back Legs

Begin by drawing a rounded shape for each thigh, making them slightly larger than the front legs. Next, add the lower part of each leg, giving it a slender appearance compared to the front legs. Remember that cats are agile creatures, so keep their limbs elongated and graceful.

To complete the back legs, draw in small oval shapes for the paws at the end of each leg. These should be smaller than those on the front feet since they are further away from us.

cat drawing

STEP 4- Draw the Face

Start by sketching out two almond-shaped eyes, ensuring they are evenly spaced apart. 

Next, draw a small triangle for the nose, slightly below and between the eyes. From there, add a curved line underneath the mouth. You can choose whether you want your cat’s mouth open or closed, depending on the expression you want to capture.

Now it’s time to add some whiskers! Draw short lines extending from both sides of the nose, giving your cat that classic feline feature. 

how to draw cat

STEP 5- Draw the Ears and Tail

First, let’s tackle those cute little ears. Begin by drawing two small triangles on top of the cat’s head. Ensure they are slightly pointed at the tips for a more realistic look. Position them towards the sides of the head, just above where you drew the eyes.

Next, it’s time for that fluffy tail! Start at the back end of your cat and draw a long curved line extending outwards. This will be your guide for shaping the bottom later on. Use short strokes or gentle curves to add fur texture along its length.

drawing of cat

STEP 6- Finish Up the Drawing

Once you have completed drawing the basic outline and added all the essential features of your cat, it’s time to add those finishing touches that will bring your drawing to life. This is where you can really let your creativity shine!

Start by adding some details to the body of your cat. Small, curved lines can create fur texture or make it look sleek and smooth. Remember to erase any unnecessary guidelines or stray marks that may still be visible.

Next, focus on the face of your cat. Add in the eyes, using circles with smaller circles inside for pupils.

Moving on, feel free to get creative here – give your cat a big grin or even stick out its tongue if you want!

How to draw cat

With these final touches complete, step back and admire your finished drawing! You’ve successfully learned how to draw a cat step by step! Keep practicing this process regularly, and soon enough, you’ll be able to easily create realistic-looking cats.

Remember: practice makes purrfect! So grab a pen or pencil and start honing those artistic skills today!

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