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easy mandala art

Hello, my friends. If you want to draw Mandalas, here to share all my easy tips and tricks/steps on how to draw an easy mandala art! if you are a kid, you can also try to draw this mandala art easily. There are three primary zones of mandala art central, external, and deep.

Let’s try to understand the 3 primary zones of mandala art.

  1. Central: The central meaning generates a plan to guide the mind to awareness.
  2. External: The external sense describes the perfect form of creation.
  3. Deep: The deep sense continues within the artist and the work. Overall, it describes a balance of body and soul inspired with accuracy. In Buddhism, mandalas describe the perfect form of creation. Creating a mandala symbolizes the change of nature from a fact of experiencing to one of renewal.

How to Draw Mandala art? – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Even if you’ve never drawn a mandala before, these suggestions will help you get excited to start mandala art. It’s actually relatively easy once you know the steps of my mandala art because, in this blog, I’m selecting easy mandala art designs, so let’s get started.

Firstly, you know the basic Materials needed for mandala art beginners are :-

  • Drawing book/sheet of paper/canvas
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Drawing compass.
  • Ruler.
  • Protractor.
  • Thin marker (any color you like but mostly prefer black)

So, let’s get started with the steps of Mandala art for beginners:-

Step – 1

The first step in how to draw an easy mandala art is to rule out your paper/drawing book in a square frame. The larger the square, the more area you will place in lots of details in your mandala art. Next, draw two circles of 2cm And 3cm, as shown below 👇.

easy mandala art

Step – 2

Again, draw two circles of 5cm and 6cm surrounding the above two circles in the first step. These circles complete the outline of the mandala.

easy mandala art

Step – 3

Now make a straight line in the middle of the circle. Then take a protractor, divide circles with a 20° angle, & make 18 sections using a ruler, or pencil (don’t use a marker first because you are a beginner; if any mistake happens u can’t erase them and your time waste that) now start the outline of using a thin black marker of very 1st circle and then so on. Surround almost circular patterns between the inner circle and the outer circles. For each form, use two curved lines, as you see below.

easy mandala art

Step – 4

Continue adding detail to your 2nd inner circle with many short triangles that you have seen below the image 👇 & you can also see how to make mandala art for beginners step by step easily in my video tutorial, at the end of the post, to help you add details in your mandala art.

easy mandala art

Step – 5

Now draw some more curve lines as you saw and draw some diagonal lines on one side and fill the black color on another side of the inner circle. As you draw more and more designs pattern, your mandala will begin to look more complicated.
The solution is to practice it slowly, drawing one pattern simultaneously and moving around the entire circle drawing that one pattern in the right section.easy mandala art

Step – 6

In the 2nd outer circle, you can draw small flowers in the middle of curve lines and then repeat your pattern just like shown in the image 👇. In this post, I’m using easy mandala art designs because you are a beginner. If you practice more, you can easily draw mandala art like a pro.

Step – 7

In the outermost circle of the mandala, you can draw loop shapes all over the circle. This creates repetition, which is the main objective of creating a mandala.

Step – 8

At last, erase the unnecessary pencil outlines and draw a wheel in the middle of the circle, as shown in the 👇 image.
So, here is the final look at my Mandala art with all the easy steps. If you are a beginner or a kid, then start practicing easy mandala art.


How to Draw Mandala art? – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners video tutorial is here tap to see the video and check out my YouTube channel for more videos



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