Sadness often comes, It doesn’t last too long. But if it does last long, then it converts into ‘depression’.

How is Depression different from sadness?

Depression is an emotional state that affects your life and your thought patterns in terms of months or even years

What Can Your Sadness Lead To?

You often might feel irritated, angry, lonely, or empty from the inside because you had been feeling sad and, maybe, depressed

Are Sadness And Anxiety Different From Each Other?

Both feeling sad and having depression can co-relate but anxiety and sadness don’t always do

Feelings  Sad For No Reason

There is a term for it, known as ‘Hypophrenia’. This actually means mentally retarded in the medical language

What does depression feel like in real life?

It generally feels like being constantly sorrowful.

Why do I feel sad for no reason?

A doctor can help you learn your triggers better through therapy sessions or journaling would do it too.

How do I know when I’m depressed?

You can check the above-cited symptoms to check if your situation is relatable.