How to Build a Perfect Skincare Routine in 2022 : The 9-Step Solution

Step – 1

Cleansing: The first step is to wash your face. You can incorporate this step into your day and night routine. Rinse your face with water and a gentle cleanser with clean palms. Massage your face with the face wash

Step – 2

Toning: Next step is to apply toner. Apply your toner after cleansing your face and before applying anything else. For this step, pour a few drops of toner on your palm or cotton pad.

Step – 3

Serum: Then, use a serum with antioxidants (such as brightening vitamin C) in your morning routine. This step will help protect your skin from all the free radicals you encounter during the daytime.

Step – 4

Eye Cream: You can always go for a regular moisturizer as your under-eye cream. If you want to choose a specialized eye cream, you will want a layer underneath your moisturizer. This way, the eye creams are way thinner than face moisturizers.

Step – 5

Spot Treatment: It would be better to use an acne spot treatment at night when your full body is repairing. Take care of the other factors before applying a layer of ache-fighting ingredients (such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acids) with retinol.

Step – 6

Moisturize- Moisturizer helps to hydrate skin perfectly. It also ensures that all the previously applied layers of product are properly locked in. For the morning routine, use a lightweight lotion, particularly with SPF 30 or even higher.

Step – 7

Retinoid- Retinoids (Retinoid is vitamin A derivatives, including retinol), can help to reduce dark spots, breakout, and fine lines. It targets increasing skin-cell turnover.

Step – 8

Face oil- Use it after applying all the other skincare products. It is done so knowing that nothing can penetrate a layer of oil.

Step – 9

Sunscreen- As we know, all dermatologists advise using sunscreen before going out. Applying sunscreen is an essential part of the daytime skincare routine.