The leg press can be a great choice to evaluate and support an athlete’s overall lower body strength. The lower body includes the gluteus maximus to the lower leg muscles. You can even use this exercise to build squat strength.

Variation of Leg Press Exercise

1. One-legged Press

You can build stabilized muscles through this variation.

2. Standing Leg Press

You can consider this a beginner’s step for the leg press machine routine. You have to use the standard foot placement for this.

How to Do Leg Press?

1. Sit on the machine where your back faces the back pad, and your head rests on the head pad.

2.Now, place your feet on the resistant plate, and your feet should be hip-width

3. This leg part should have more emphasis on maintaining heel contact. The legs should be at a 90 degrees angle.

How to Use a Leg Press Machine?

1. To start, sit with your back and head flat against the seat and positioned in a way where it is shoulder-width apart in the middle of the platform. Ensure that your feet are kept neutral.

2. Next, keep your core tight, glutes stick to the seat, and your back straight against the seat. Now press through the feet evenly to push the platform away from you and straighten your knees.

Benefits of Leg Presses

A leg press machine targets the quadriceps muscles, which are responsible for the power to lift your thighs off of the ground. This exercise is an advanced form of weight training that can help you increase your strength, endurance, and muscle endurance.