Leg presses are a good alternative for squats. Lifters believe that leg presses are physically less exhausting than squats. 


 Leg Press With Resistance Bands

It can replace the weights used in a leg press machine

2. Broad Jump Leg Press at Home

Excellent option to increase your lower body strength.

3. Step-Ups

It will help you strengthen your core so that you don’t have lower back pain.

4. Walking Lunges (Dumbbell Version) Leg Press at Home

5. Weighted Wall Sit

Essential Things to Know Before Starting These Alternative Exercises

They tend to engage multiple muscles at the same time. They will still require you to check your safety measures.

Before starting these exercises, talk to your trainer about everything. Begin with light weights and low reps as a newbie.

A good warm-up can help you to prevent any injury and get the blood flow to the necessary muscle groups