The benefits of leg extension is a weight-training exercise. It targets the quadriceps muscles located in the front of the thigh, from the knee to the pelvis.

Benefits of Leg Extension You Should Know

The exercise focuses on strengthening the quads and the critical attachment of the knee joints furthermore.

This exercise is a fantastic option to perform after doing compound exercises and benefits you.

This exercise focuses on a targeted muscle and works selectively. When we say you can target a single group of muscles with this exercise

The benefits of Leg extension only focus on the core muscles, so it does not exhaust the whole body’s energy.

Types of Leg Extension Exercises

1. Single-Leg Extension 2. Leg Extension With Cable 3. Classic Barbell Squats 4. Front Squats 5. Power Clean 6. Barbell Hack Squat 7. Bulgarian Split Squat

Common Mistakes

1. Keeping Proper Form

2. Overextend

3. Heavy Lifting

4. High Reputations

5. Going Too Fast

6. Locking the Knees