Not exactly. It is, in fact, a survival mechanism that our ancestors passed on to us

When you face an unusual situation or a problem that you’re not ready to solve, you get anxious.

Major Causes Of Anxiety

It may depend on the situation that often gets you nervous such as shifting to a newer place, meeting new people, going out in the crowd, certain noises/voices, or triggers.

How To Control Overwhelming Anxiety

Solution is the way you learn to deal with these and other unrelated problems over time

Ways To Stop Your Anxiety From Becoming An Illness

1. When facing an unusual or tough situation 2. When the loop of negativity goes on and on 3. When receiving strong criticism

How To Manage Your Anxiety Over Time

Controlling your anxiety comes up when you’re immediately met up with a certain situation and you know that it’ll grow your anxiety to ‘out of the bar’ heights

Tips To Help You Manage Your Anxiety

Read books related to mental health and issues See a certified psychologist or go to counseling Talk it out Learn different coping mechanisms 

What does anxiety feel like?

Your breathing may alter, your heart rate may go high, limbs may start shaking and random headaches or stomachaches may occur.