To help you choose your best yoga mat for home workout, we have shortlisted some yoga mats for your home workout routine, from which you can choose your favorite.

7 Best Yoga Mat for Home Workout

1. High-Density Anti Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

SIZE- 173×60 cm and 1/2 inch thick WEIGHT- 2.2 pounds MATERIAL- PVC FEATURES- Pocket-friendly and portable

This mat is made for you if you are a sweaty person. The moisture lock technology helps absorb all the sweat and will make sure not to let you slip.

2. Lululemon the Reversible (Un) Mat

SIZE- 183×66 cm and 1.5 mm thick WEIGHT- 2 lbs MATERIAL- Polyurethane FEATURES- Lightweight and portable

3. Ativafit Non-slip Tpe Yoga Mat Exercise

SIZE- 183×59 cm and 6 mm thick WEIGHT- 1.18 kgs MATERIAL- TPE FEATURES- Alignment makers and portable

4. Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

SIZE- 183×61 cm and 1 inch thick WEIGHT- 1 kg MATERIAL- Foam FEATURES- Better Cushioning

5. Yoga Design Lab The Infinity Mat

SIZE- 180×61 cm and 0.2 inch thick WEIGHT- 2.81 kg MATERIAL- Polyurethane and Rubber FEATURES- Durability and grip

6. Jade Harmony Mat

SIZE- 173×60 cm and 5 mm thick WEIGHT- 4.3 lbs MATERIAL- Rubber FEATURES- Sustainable

7. Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat

SIZE- 182×121 cm and 6 mm thick WEIGHT- 9 Pounds MATERIAL- Ultra-durable ProFoam FEATURES- Good padding and space