The leg extension is a weight-training exercise. It usually targets the quadriceps muscles. These muscles are located in the front of the thigh and are present from the knee to the pelvis. Moreover, these are the same ones responsible for hip flexion and knee extension.

Which Muscles Are Used for Leg Extension Exercise?

They are responsible for extending the knees. Substantial quadriceps help in walking, squatting and maintaining good posture.

1. Rectus Femoris 2. Vastus lateralis 3. Vastus medialis 4. Vastus Intermedius

How to Do Leg Extensions?

1. Set up your machine. 2. Position the pad at the top of the lower legs at the ankles and, 3. Don’t go heavy on the weight loads.

Common Mistakes We All Do

1. Going too fast

2. Heavy and tough lifting

3. High Reps

4. Locking Knees

Benefits of Performing Leg Extension Exercise

Leg extensions are well known to strengthen the patellar ligament and quadriceps attached to the knees. The exercise focuses on strengthening the quads and the necessary attachment of the knee joints particularly.

Other Health Benefits of Leg Extension Exercise

1. Leg extension can help strengthen quadriceps muscles.

2. It can also help prevent any severe leg injury.

3. It can help strengthen the ligaments and the areas around the knee joints.

4. Leg extensions improve posture.

5. It can help increase spine flexibility.

6. Additionally, it can tone your thigh muscles.