The extension of the passive hip to leg curl, also known as the Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls, is an excellent exercise that strengthens and enhances the glutes and hamstrings.

Benefits of Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls:-

– increasing lower body strength, especially in the hamstrings and glutes. – building muscle, especially in the hamstrings and glutes

– increase basic strength (especially, front spine) – fat loss (if your diet and exercise help with fat loss) – conditioning (when used as part of conditioning circuits) – which increases flexibility

How to make a Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls:-

– Start by lying on your back (you can put something under your head, so your spine is in a neutral position). – Place the heels/lower legs on the ball.

– It is essential not to rest and stretch your hamstring/glute muscles as this will put the knees under a lot of pressure. – Keep your spine in a neutral position, and be very careful not to stretch your lower back and let your ribs explode. – You can make this task even more challenging by doing this exercise, but don’t let your hips touch the floor between the reps.

You’ll notice a few things: Close the bridge by hitting your heels on the ball and keep everything nice and firm. Do not hyperextend your spine, do not focus; go up so your body is straight and pulls your heels to the waist, and your whole body should continue to lift.


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