Why is a Good Sleeping Routine so Important?

1) A better and more peaceful sleep 2) Increased sense of calmness in the morning 3) Time to exercise and get prepared for the day early 4) Better diet and mental health

Set up a pre-sleep ritual

– Tidying up your room – Taking a bath – Listening to music or reading something nerve-calming – Playing with your pet or taking them out for a walk – Using light perfumes or room-fresheners


Put your alarm clock farther than hand-length

Make sure the clock or the phone is out of your reach, that you have to get out to turn it OFF. This takes effort and actually wakes you up.


Meditate before sleep

Start with a 2-5 minutes session every day. Try to show up at first and commit to it, the rest will follow.


Remove noise or distraction-inducing devices from the space

Having a high screen time before sleep is proven to reduce your cognitive ability and function.


Get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off

One thing you can do is to catch that one second when you’re slightly conscious and instantly jumping out of bed. Now your body knows that you’re in action.


Go to bed early (and regularly)

Do put pressure on sleeping early even if you forget to follow most of these steps. Because if you sleep early and regularly, you get improved sleep.


Avoid caffeine before bed

For brief- caffeine causes a higher heart rate, dehydration, brain excitement, and restlessness if taken before sleep.


Ask family and friends to team up with you for the process

It is easier to walk the path that people around us walk as it’s in human nature to follow the majority.


If fallen out, allow yourself to get back on track

You can stay carefree for the first failure but tighten up for the next day and try possible measures to make sure you wake up early the next day.